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Defibrilator Lifepack 15

Lifepack 15 defibrilator

Lifepack 15 defibrilator with accessories.

Limited offer: 13.350,- € Netto

Artickel Overview.

LIFEPAK® 15 ADAPTIV Biphasic Defibrillation

Defibrillator with:
Monitor, AED, Pacer, Metronome, Bluetooth, SpO2, NIBP, Interpretive, 12-LEADS ECG, Trending.

Upgrade acc to new specification:

Technical data and description for this vehicle:


Physio Control


Lifepack 15


• Therapeutic and diagnostic functions in a single device designed for both out-of-hospital  and in hospital users.
• Flexibility to add new features and enhancement at future date. Manual defibrillation mode 1-2-3 operation and Automated External Defibrillator with Shock Advisory  System to advise operator when it detects  a shockable rhythm.
• User interface similar to LP12 for quick training.
• Our NEW Technology of Defibrillation is using the only
• ADAPTIV Biphasic Full Energy (from 2J to 360J).
• The unit will measure the patient impedance and accordingly will calibrate the Defibrillation waveform, 1) Waveform Amplitude, 2) Waveform Voltage and Energy escalating “if patient impedance high could go to 360 Joule”
• 8.4 in. Color EL display (dual-modes: color and Black & white display)  with new display protection shield. allows 1st. channels to be viewed  ECG and 2nd. channel cascading ECG with up to 8 seconds of ECG,heart rate, heart alarm limit, VF & VT alarm, battery level, time, date, selected Joules
• Advanced Resuscitation features: cprMAX, shock predictive, metronome and Automatic patient check.
• The device captures and stores patient data (the memory capacity is 4 times the LP12), event (including waveform and annotations), and continuous ECG waveform, 100 mm printer.
• Dual Battery capability, Li-Ion Battery, 5.7AHr.
• CODE SUMMARY record critical event initial ECG.
• 3 AM automatic testing and report.
• New level of abuse resistance IP44, with “rubber” bumpers and customer replaceable bezel-shield. Shock mounted composite handle and accessory hooks. Easy-to clean-controls, New Therapy connector  and rubber shield.
• Connect to a PC or the internet via a selection of gateways (GPRS) and the MPC operated Exchange Server and Bluetooth.
• Weight basic defibrillator/monitor with QUICK-COMBO cable 6 kg.


One Operation Manual, One CD Service Manual, One Inservice Video , One QUIK-COMBO Defibrillation / Pacing therapy cable, Two sets of  QUIK-COMBO Defibrillation / Pacing / ECG electrode, Two rolls 100-mm paper, Two packs of 3 ECG electrodes., One pack of 4 ECG electrodes., One 12-lead main cable with 4-wire limb lead attached, One 6-wire precordial lead attachment.

AC Power Adapter

Provides line power for operation of the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/ defibrillator and charges installed batteries.
Available in 110V and 220V/240V Auto-configurations.
Includes Right Angle Cable
AC Power Cord with European Type plug, OR


Li-Ion Battery, 5.7AHr (more than 3 times LP12 performance) 6 Hrs operation, No memory effects, Smart battery system with “Capacity” gauge on battery and device, No conditioning required.

Additional Accessories:

AC/DC Power Adapter Attachment Kit

Standard Hard Paddles Adult & Pediatric
1 pair, for use with LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor

Non invasive Pacemaker
Demand & Non Demand, Rate from 40 to 170 PPM, Currant from 0 to 200mA.

Masimo® Rainbow® Technology, to measure SpO2 Pulse Oximetry.
Waveform & digital reading. Includes 4 ft. cable and a sample disposable sensor pack. Optional reusable sensor available.
Masimo SpO2 Sensor M-LNCS Reusable Sensors – Adult Reusable..

Non Invasive Blood Pressure
Digital reading with improved artifact rejection, time intervals to measure the NIBP automatically, with new NIBP connector.
Adult cuff Reusable, 14 cm x 37.5 cm

Interpretive 12-LEADS ECG
“Glasgow” 12 lead analysis with STEMI statement
Analysis, gives a head start diagnosis and treatment of AMI and other condition. Allows 1, 2 or 3 ECG channels to be viewed simultaneously. 3-channel 12-lead ECG printing to 100 mm printer