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Floating Hospital - Catamaran 25m

The Floating Hospital is a fully equipped and functional hospital. It is based on a catamaran hull thus providing an exceptional amount of available floor space. With its shallow draught it is very well suited for use in all types of navigable waterways.


Scope of Supply

In general, the scope of supply comprises engineering, procurement, manufacturing and delivery of the Floating Hospital consisting of:
• Catamaran hull 25 meters, river application
• On-board reception area
• Pre-Operating room
• Operating room
• X ray facilities
• Laboratory
• Sterilization
• Ward for patients
• Pharmacy
• Wards for crew and staff
• Kitchen
• Dining facilities
• Laundry
Medical modules (with all necessary specialty instruments) that can be included are, amongst others:General surgery
• Gynaecology
Please refer to Scope of Supply for further details.
The modules can be supplied in any configuration you may want, please refer to Price List for detailed prices.


The Catamaran is designed with symmetric hulls and optimized for low hull resistance, river application.

Main Dimension

  • Length overall 25.0 meters
  • Beam overall 12.8 meters


Upper Level:

  • Dining 2 units
  • Cold Store
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Lounge 2 units
  • Store


Medical Deck:

  • Computer Room
  • Delivery Room 2 units
  • Doctors Room 2 units
  • Doctors’ Preparation room
  • Laboratory
  • Operation room
  • Paediatrician
  • Patient Preparation
  • Pharmacy & Store
  • Registration & Waiting Area
  • Sterilization
  • Toilets 7 units
  • Ward with ICU for 4 patients 2 units
  • X-ray


Crew Deck:

  • Crew Cabin Small 8 units
  • Crew Cabin large double 3 units
  • Generator room
  • Store
  • Technical Store
  • Workshop
  • Equipment. To equip each of the above mentioned rooms the floating hospital may include – amongst others – the below mentioned modules:
  • Nursing module. Each nursing module contains all the necessary nursing equipment to establish and maintain a surgical ward for 8 inpatients.
  • X-ray module. The X-ray module contains a complete X-ray department including X-ray machine, manual developing equipment, darkroom equipment, chemicals, films, light boxes and protection equipment.
  • Sterilization module. The Sterilization module includes equipment for Clean and Dirty Utility such as steam autoclave, working table, heat sealer and instrument table.
  • Operating Room module. The Operating module contains a complete Operating department including operating table , ceiling light, diathermy incl. trolley, anaesthesia machine, ECG – monitor, defibrillator, supply of O2 and N2O, etc.
  • Intensive Care Unit module. The module contain equipment for treatment of two patients with volume respirators, defibrillator, ECG monitor, trolley w/ drawers, infusion stand, suction ejector, O2-flowmeter, catheter holder, infusion pump.
  • Pharmacy Module. This module will contain drugs and other pharmaceutical items. The contents will be adjusted to reflect the geographic areas of operations of the, as well as its intended use.
  • Office Module. The module contains general office supplies
  • Laundry Unit. The module contains equipment for washing, drying and ironing.
  • Kitchen. The module contains general kitchenware.
  • Dining Module. The module contains general dining tools.


 FC H-Catamaran 02