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This ‘Wave Searcher’ is an Aluminium foam collar RIB, based upon the highly successful Camarc double chine hull form. The boat is very robustly built to cope with the rigours of rescue operations and is fitted with powerful engines and waterjets giving her excellent bollard pull and manoeuvrability. She is arranged with a level deck with clear access all round with a small foredeck dry locker and the console helm shelter sited amidships.

This is an Aluminium foam collar RIB, designed specifically for Alnmaritec by Camarc which conforms to the SOLAS regulations for Fast Rescue Craft. The boat is designed to be davit launched from a single lifting point with a Henriksen quick release hook and she is arranged with clear access all round with a small foredeck coaming and the helm console sited amidships. She is powered by an inboard diesel driving a waterjet which makes her quick and manoeuvrable and she is extremely seaworthy.

This fast inshore rescue boat is designed for operation on lakes and rivers or in and around the fjords and sea lochs where she can provide all weather rapid emergency response. Her shallow draft and waterjets allow her to access difficult areas and to be beached. She is fitted with a bow loading ramp, fire fighting equipment, a survivor centre and a small casualty recovery/treatment room as well as an hydraulic deck crane.