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Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter (906), 324 KAM, panel van, high roof standard, transport ambulance

Sprinter Patient Transport Ambulance


Total rear view of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulance car with stretcher, oxygen cylinders, first aid boxes etc. Technology, design and innovation combined with perfect harmony thanks to higly qualified workmanship.An interior view of Mercedes Sprinter ambulance equipped according to customer´s requirement.


Technical data and description for this vehicle:



Model 2)

Sprinter (906), 324 KA, panel van, high roof standard

Length / Width / Height (mm) - outside 2)

Length / Width / Height (mm) - inside1) 2)

5910 / 1960 (without mirrors) / 2720 (unloaded) + 200 (warning light)

3265 / 1780 / 1940

Capacity 1) 2)

loading space 10,5m3 / loading area 5,5m2

Wheelbase (mm) / Drive 2)

3665 / 4x2

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) (t) 2)

3,5 t

Engine 2)

Transmission 2)

petrol, M272, E35, 190KW (258 PS), 5900/min, Euro V


Other information 2)

- MB variant code 90663313

- tank capacity: 100 ltr.

- battery: 12 V / 95 Ah

- aircondition

- central locking system

- sliding door right

- with step rear

Ambulance 2)

patient Transport Ambulance

Conversion 2) 3)

- insulation, flooring, reinforcement and covering of patient’s cabin

- PVC floor easy to cleaning, antiskid, antistatic;

- separate electrical wiring system 12V DC with fuses and integrated control panel, sockets;

- multifunctional side panel with 12V, oxygen sockets

- cabinet for medical equipment and medicine; emergency bench with leather optic upholstery with additional storing space;

- ceiling support part with integrated exhaust fan, fixed handle, infusion bottles hooks, fluorescent lamps;

- air conditioning and heating for both driver’s and patient’s cabin with fan and regulation;

- partition with sliding window;

- outside and inside labeling, window tinting (frosted glass);

- doctor’s seat with 3-point safety belt;

- waste bin, fire extinguisher, flashlight, soap dispenser, portable halogen lamp, disposable towel dispenser;

- emergency warning devices - lighting;

Medical Equipment 2) 3)

- stretcher including side support, safety belts and anatomical mattress;

- stair stretcher (carrying chair), folding stretcher,

- suction unit,

- silicone resuscitators with mask, suction catheters, burn set, acute set injection, acute set injection, isothermic blankets, spinal immobiliser, air splint set, standard laryngoscope set, aneroid sphygmomanometer, palm type, dual head stethoscope, digital thermometer, emergency one piece collar,

- complete first aid case filled as per DIN 13169 E

Other information


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