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Mobile Hospitals and Medical Units

We present to you a complete mobile hospital, clinics and medical practicesarmored and civilian. You can see the details by clicking on the link below


Armoured Units and Systems

Mobile Military Hospitals

as all-wheel-driven semi-trailer units for 20 to 200 patient beds + beds for staff

Mobile Military Specialist Clinics and Polyclinics

as 8x6-driven units with structure directly behind the driver's cab, for every medical indicatior

Mobile V.I.P. Clinics

aftermaths of assassination attemps, care of accident victims and patient transport

Emergency Ambulances

for police, fire brigade and civile defence functions

Special Transporters

for the evacuation of max. 90 casualities


MFH 12Mobile Units and Systems

Mobile Field Hospital Systems

as all-wheel-driven semi-trailer units for 20 to 200 patient beds + beds for staff

MFH 02v3


Specialist Clinics and Polyclinics

as semi-trailer units or such with structure behind the driver's cab, with 2 or 4-wheel
for every medical or paramedical indication - including veterinary tasks.


MFH 11V.I.P. Clinic Systems

for highest demands and every medical or paramedical indication

Plant Protection Vehicles


Air Pollution Control Vehicles


Actinometry Vehicles


Vehicles for the Scene of Crime


MFH 08Transportable Units

Hospital Box Specialist Clinics

using the features of 20' or 40'-containers, for every medical or paramedica

V.I.C.S. - Variable IPS Clinic Systems

using the features of 20' or 40'-containers. as redoployable field hospitals for 20 to
100 beds, with full supply and disposal systems as well as staff accomodation

Floating Clinics

Floating 43-m clinics for rivers and coastal waters, 75-m seagoing hospital ships.



Mobile Armoured and Nonarmoured Hospitals.


Problems and Solutions

solutionsThe present state of arms technology requires extreme mobility in military operations for defence and attack in the event of hostilities. Warfare nowadays covers wide areas under direct or indirect exposure to enemy action and under adverse conditions of terrain and climate, pressure? dust and heat. Conventions established for the protection of wounded or sick soldiers can be observed only to a limited extent under these conditions. However, the preservation of life and the health of soldiers is an urgent need for humane reasons; in addition, soldiers are largely specialists with long training periods without whom the use of modern arms and equipment is no longer possible. From this stems the requirement to provide decisive aid immediately and directly at the scene of action.


IPS offers the first armoured mobile field hospital in the world: the configuration of efficient, all terrain and compact individual units of different function and medical discipline with optimum engineering and unsurpassed quality into an integrated, life - saving system proven in front-line use and so far delivered in almost 100 units.


MFH work roomMFH operationThe establishment of a conventional health service for the population with its stationary supply network of general practitioners, treatment centers and hospitals has proven to be impossible to achieve in many countries in the world, either because of the financial requirements, inadequate traffic conditions for topographical or other reasons, or because of widely dispersed settlements of inadequate size. In such cases the employment of mobile medical installations is an inexpensive and effective solution. IPS offers an ideal solution with its Mobile Field Hospital (MFH): foreseeable delivery time and costs, calculable readiness for use, ease of maintenance, consisting of a configuration of efficient, all - terrain individual units affording outstanding space availability and medical work - flow of different function and medical discipline with optimum technology and unexcelled quality in a lifesaving system, proven in continuous use and so far delivered in over 100 units.
MFH patient lift . MFH generator


MFH doctors


The diagnostic facilities available determine primarily the success of each treatment. They were the focal point with the design of the IPS mobile military hospital. Thus, all state - of the art aids are available to the medical officer for his responsible activity. Not only conventional and proven basic equipment combined with a complete range of laboratory diagnostic facilities, but naturally also efficient units for indispensable X-ray and ultrasound diagnosis. Thanks to the basic concept, which has been tested and proven in use, the individual areas are liberally dimensioned. The ergonomically correct positioning of the equipment and units ensures rapid working procedures free from fatigue.

MFH asimilation roomTherapy

In the field as well, under medically adverse environmental conditions, the mobile military hospital can perform any necessary medical examination or therapy under conditions comparable with those of a stationary clinic. Several units of the IPS mobile military hospital can be set up in parallel adjacent to one another and they can be connected by gangways with sun - roofs. This produces short routes between tbe different medical disciplines which all lie at the same level. Wounded or sick persons on strechers can be brought without difficulty to the treatment level: by the loading platforms installed at different units. The grouping of the medical disciplines required for the relevant objective is made generally after an extensive demand analysis. In this case IPS makes available know-how gained in practically 4 decades for the benefit of the user.


MFH laboratoryBasic features

The individual unit of the IPS mobile military hospital has been designed for high stability, safety against gunfire and the most favourable utilization of the interioraccording to the latest findings regarding all-steel construction of large capacity-vehicles. Each individual unit is independent of the environment Integrated power generation, tanks for fresh water and sewage, full air-conditioning and emergency power supply are standard. Lateral gangways which can be folded down and sun-shading roofs form spacious sunproteced passage ways outside the clinical area. Moreover, they provide independence of the site ground conditions. The IPS Mobile Field Hospital is available in two different versions which are available depending upon the use to which they are put.

MFH operation room Version A: All individual units possess a connection to a central electricity and water supply. This version is to be recommended if the Mobile Field Hospital works at a central operational point.

Version B: Each individual unit possesses its own utilities room set up in front of the clinical rooms with separate electricity and water supply system as well as central airconditioning unit. Thus, each individual unit is completely independent of the surroundings and the field hospital can be employed selectively as required at several centers of activity.

Alternatively, towing vehicles of other well-known manufacturers can be provided for use on roads or for all-terrain operation.

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