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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Blood Donation Unit

Sprinter BDU

We present to you a blood donation unit based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with two blood donation seats, power generator, work compartment, coolbox for blood and much more. Below you can see the technical specification, description and gallery.


Technical data and description for this vehicle:



Model 2)

Sprinter (906), 524 KAM, panel van, high roof, long,

Length / Width / Height (mm) - outside 2)

Length / Width / Height (mm) - inside1) 2)

7345 / 2426(with mirrors) / 2820(unloaded) + 200(roof equpment)

4700 / 1780 / 1820

Capacity 1) 2)

loading space 15,5m3 / loading area 7,8m2

Wheelbase (mm) / Drive 2)

4325 / 4x2 rear wheel drive

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) (t) 2)

5,00 t

Engine / Transmission 2)

gasoline (benzin); 258HP (190kW) / automatic

Other information 2)

- MB variant code 90665713

- tank capacity: 75 ltr.

- battery: 12 V / 100 Ah

- central locking system

- sliding door right

- with step rear

Ambulance 2)

Mobile Blood Donation Unit

Conversion 2) 3)

- two Multifunction seats blood donation;

- insulation, flooring, reinforcement and covering of working cabin

- PVC floor easy to cleaning, anti-skid, antistatic;

- separate electrical wiring system for 230V AC and 12V DC with fuses and integrated control panel, sockets;

- additional second battery for blood refrigerator,

- multifunctional side panel with 12V, 230V, oxygen sockets

- separation wall with PVC curtain and partition wall with sliding window; awning 4 meter long,

- cabinet for medical equipment and medicine;

- fluorescent lamps for work compartment and additional LED doctor´s spotlights for blood donation places,

- roof air conditioning and separate pin-up heating,

- outside and inside labelling, window tinting (frosted glass);

- waste bin; fire extinguisher, flash-light; soap dispenser, disinfectant dispenser, transparent boxes for various equipment, glove dispenser, paper towel dispenser, twin coat hooks, wash basin and tap, canisters for water,

Equipment 2) 3)

- blood refrigerator - cool-box 230V-12V and temperature data-logger with printer,

- diesel generator 9kVA with with a manual system to go on the outside,

- blood mix scale,

- reanimation case and small medical equipment

Other information


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