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ethicsEthik Letter of Introduction


IPS a Germany based manufacturer of ambulance vehicles with manufacturing plants, some in co-operation with partners, in Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Mexico and Poland. The annual capacity of the European plants is approximately 500 ambulances. Furthermore we are a well known distributor for all kind of medical equipment. IPS InterMedical is very well established in the fields of Ambulance Vehicles, Emergency Medical Equipment, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Maintenance and Mobile Hospitals. Our ambulance vehicles are  certified and correspond with international standards.

The Company is committed to conducting business on the basis of morality and to create added value to employees and also to put unwavering efforts to ensure that all employees are fairly treated. The Company has clearly announced that it is the duty and responsibility of all Staffs presence to faithfully follow the Business Ethics and comply with the policies and practices stated in this Code of Conduct. The Company's ultimate goal is to achieve its business objectives for the benefit of all employees including the Customer and the society. IPS employees should mutually respect each other's honor, freedom, privacy, legal and human rights, as well as the interests of stakeholders. In making their decisions, management should be gentle and treat everyone as equal without discrimination by gender, class, or race. IPS requires that all of its directors, the management and staff strictly respect International human rights principles as part of the operations and the Company does not tolerate any violations thereof.

As part of IPS and Company's continuing efforts in the area of Compliance, IPS has implemented a Comprehensive Compliance Program as required to Domestic and international Business relations and standards. IPS hereby declares as required by the Standards that to the best of our knowledge, IPS is, in all material respects, in compliance with its Program as described in the Summary of IPS and Company's Comprehensive Compliance Program, and the requirements.